American Made Office Furniture

Jasper Desk - An American Company

If you are looking for American made office furniture, Jasper Desk can surely provide it to you. Jasper Desk is an American company, producing beautiful quality made American furniture for over a century. Located in scenic southern Indiana, we've been employing individuals from the surrounding five-county area since our beginning in 1876.

Our office furniture is made by American workers who live and support their local communities. In the American tradition of local businesses who give back, Jasper Desk supports area communities by paying local and state taxing agencies and contributing to local businesses, organizations and clubs.

Using Indiana Premium Hardwood products, American made Jasper Desk furniture is the finest office furniture available anywhere in the United States. We control our processes to build high quality office furnishings.

We invite you to study our company's website to see for yourself that Jasper Desk can be your Total Office Solutions Provider. Support your fellow Americans and buy Jasper Desk - American made with distinction since 1876.

An American Tradition

A time-honored tradition of American made quality furniture is the legacy of Jasper Desk. Strength, durability and beauty in our furnishings, along with excellent customer service have been the hallmarks of our business.

Through the years, we have offered an ever-widening selection of American made office furniture and office seating to accommodate the discerning requirements and tastes of our customers. A vast array of finish selections, hardware choices, edge details, and custom options enable you to find the perfect office furniture for your style and personality. Our reputation stands on this, as well as our commitment to using the best materials and highest quality construction methods.

In this constantly changing world, you can always rely on the Jasper Desk tradition of excellence. We remain committed, as we have been for the past 138 years, to bring you the very best in American made office furniture.

The History of American Made Furniture

The earliest incarnations of American made furniture reflected the Dutch and English styles of the motherland. Colonial settlers relied on the construction methods they'd brought with them from the old country, and the design characteristics of the furniture they created reflected this.

Following the American Revolution, the spirit of independence was evident in many aspects of the culture, and styles that reflected English influence were no longer as popular. A new approach to furniture making emerged, demonstrating the values of simplicity and durability.

As demand for furniture in an ever-expanding population increased, mass production methods began to over-take the business of the hand craftsmen. But the beauty and quality of true American workmanship would never be replaced by factory produce furniture.

Meanwhile, more and more settlers were arriving and bringing new influences in style and workmanship. As the east coast styles continued, in the Midwest, other furniture makers of German decent were shaping new tastes in American furniture.

Over time, American tastes began to look overseas, and European influences, again, began to immerge. Victorian style appeared in American made architecture and furniture. But, as with every other aspect of American culture, furniture styles continued to evolve.

The American made furniture of today, both for the home and office, reflects a wide range of influence, tradition and experience. At Jasper Desk, we are proud of our place in the heritage, as a crafter of American made office furniture since 1876.